Dedicated to developing products that align with user needs as well as business goals, the User Experience (UX) team at Texity ensures a captivating user experience by fusing its expertise in user-centered design with skills of usability, user research, information architecture, visual design and branding. UX is an end-to-end experience that starts from the moment a user thinks of the product.

Starting from domain research and user studies, we work closely with the customer to develop concepts. We identify opportunities by studying people’s behavior, needs and expectations and make sure we are creating the right thing. The concepts are detailed to specify information flows, interaction paradigms and interface design.

Parallel prototyping helps communicate the design effectively to the stakeholders. Once finalized, the design is treated visually for strong branding and aesthetic value. User research and usability testing are intertwined throughout the process to ensure that the design aligns with users’ goals.

The UX team at Texity is a multidisciplinary team, with experts from the fields of design, art, technology, cognitive sciences and business.