A team of talented, motivated people who enjoy a challenge, we bring cross-geography, multi-organizational experience to the table, allowing us to offer the best technological solutions to our customers.

Texity uses a multidisciplinary approach to software design and development challenges. Our in-house expertise is spread across three key technology areas:

User Experience Design, Rapid Prototyping, and Software Development.

This broad range of skills allows us to offer our customers a unique ensemble solution that can take them from a simple wish list, through Flash or code prototypes, to an end product of the highest quality.

Our Design consultants work with product managers to refine and enhance product specifications. Our Prototyping team can turn the product requirements into fully functional, interactive prototypes, which can be modified quickly as requirements evolve. Our software developers get a head start in the development process by using these prototypes.

This multilayered development process creates room for rapid and exact communication, improving product quality and accelerating development schedules.

Located in Pune, India, we understand the importance of agile and interactive software development processes when teams are split across continents.